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Sex medicine wholesale can be treated as a kind of natural remedies which is widely used in the whole world! Erectile dysfunction is very hard to cure because it has many different symptoms and can be caused by many reasons. However, the trials show that the male enhancement wholesale is the best treatment for such diseases.
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  • Spanish fly sex capsule for women

    Spanish fly sex capsule for women

    panish fly capsule is designed especially women who wish to enhance sexual pleasure, libido, stamina, orgasms, lubrication, climaxes and overall sexual satisfaction and performance naturally! Many women experience a decrease in sexual desire or satisfaction due to contributing factors such as stress, depression, childbirth, menopause, or hormonal fluctuations. Most women ignore their feelings, believing that a decline in libido is, just something that happens, not something that can be easily corrected.

    Features: Advanced formula to increase sex drive in women. Absolutely no side effects as product contains 100% natural herbal ingredients. Benefits blood flow and engorgement of clitoris. Increased sexual energy and libido, more pleasure when touched and more powerful and frequent orgasms. Utilizes proprietary components that make its actions very similar and sometimes more powerful than leading prescription drug prescribed for sexual problems. Manufactured according to stringent GMP standards and has been tested and certified safe ISO9001.

    Ingredients: This product is manufactured according to stringent GMP standard and is iso 9001 certified. Main ingredients include withania somnifera (ashwagandha), asphaitem (shilajeet), asparagus officinals (safedmusli), asparagur racemouse (shatavari), mcguire prurient (kaunch bee), kesar, myristica officinalis (jaiphal), cloves (laung). Pricing and orders: Thank you for your interest Spanish fly capsule (100% herbal sex enhancement food supplement). Our product is labeled in accordance with USA guidelines with branch office in New York, the USA. We are looking for resellers and distributors to market our product worldwide. Our product is already being sold in the USA, the UK and other European countries via 2b or b2c online venues. Our customers are fully satisfied with the product and we have received very positive feedback. Please let us know your requirements of this product to help us give you the best discount possible.

    Specifications: 60 capsules/bottle

    Tightens Vagina Expert

    Brief Description: Tightens Vagina Expert is made from extracts of purely natural Chinese herbs, traditional formula and scientific methodology. It can amazingly enhance and tighten up women's overall muscles and foster blood circulation and metabolism so as to regain the natural contractions and elasticity of whole body muscles, especially effective for pelvic and vaginal flaccid muscles. Furthermore, Tightens Vagina Expert helps to relieve mild urine leakage and monthly discomforts.
    Main Ingredients:
    Top Soybean Extract,Collagen,Albizia Julibrissin Durazz,Galla Chinensis,Psoralea Corylifolia,Incarvillea Sinensis Lam,Morinda Umbellata,Cortext Eucommiae,Pericarpium Granati,Rhizoma Curcumae Longae.       


    Erection upgrowth semen pill for men

    Erection upgrowth semen pill for men, sex tablet, male sexual enhancer  
    1. 100% natural herbal ingredietns  
    2. treat impotence, premature ejaculation  
    3. good effect on prostate disease  
    4. do not affect by heart disease, high blood pressure  
    5. stir up sexual desire, prolong sexual duration  
    6. drinking alcohol do not affect its effect 
    7. one tablet keep effect for 120 hours   
    Erection upgrowth semen pill for men  has been lauched in 2003 after successful tests. It has the function of strengthening sexual function, expanding blood vessel of caverns body of penis, promoting blood circulation, thereby extending sexual organ, prolong ejaculation time, solving erectile dysfunction completely, eliminating impotence and premature ejaculation, hypogonadism, frigidity, etc. Combination of tonigying and nourishing, regulating the root cause and symptoms, improving sexual life quality rapidly.
    Main ingredients: Tibet red flower, winter-worm summer-herb, snow lotus, snow deer whip, Tibet cow testicle, sea horse, etc. 
    Orientation crowd: premature ejaculation, lose the sperm, weal sperm, sexual function obstacle, the sexual desire dies down, the penis is short and small, waist knee sour painful, the arms and legs have no dint, dizzines ear out of hearing, body is weak night sweat, weak caused of various supmtoms.
    Usage and dosage: take one grain before sleeping with warm water( specially good effect for taking one grain 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse), take one grain every three days for daily supplement. 

    Specification: 5000mg * 6grains

    Ding Chuan Tian sex table
    Do you feel fatigue after sex? Do you want to creat more sex during one night? Or do you want her to be crazy about you? These will come true now, since you have Ding Chuan Tian sex tablet. The best male natural supplement for most of men, who want to creat more perfect sex life, and pursue longer penis size. All natural ingredients in Ding Chuan Tian sex pill will prove how strong you can be!  
    strengthen yang, improve kidney function; 
    increase penis size, prolong sexual time;  
    creat multi-ejaculation with no fatigue;
    100% safe and natural ingredients 
    Mian ingredients: deer whip yaks, yellow fine, testicular lock Yang, GuiBan, Angelica, hippocampus, etc.  Usage: take one pill 10-30 minutes before sexual ability.
    Specification: 1200mg * 8 pills
    Big Man sex capsule for penis enlargement

    1.enlarge penis about 2-3cm
    2.prolong sex time
    3.100% pure natural herbal extract
    Big Man sex capsule can effectively activate PDA producing factors of adrenal gland, renew sperm, accomplish multi-ejaculation, andmulti-orgasm. It can quickly renew the sperm after sex to avoid weakness. Big Man sex capsule can last effect as long as 180 hours, has great effect on prostate.
    1. super effect on impotence, premature ejaculation, prospermia, low sexual desire, shortness of penis, kidney weakness.
     2. renew the sperm, enhance sexual activity with powerful effect, make penis hard erection.
     3. sex would be arouse quickly or enhanced after taken the capsule, and pleasure will be enhanced while the sex time is as long as 180 hours.
     4. the penis will erect in 15 minutes after taken the capsule, penis would be wider, bigger, harder after long time taken.
     5. penis may increase 2-3cm in a month without rebound. people with high blood pressure, heart disease also can take this product, it has  great effect on prostate.
    Usage and dosage: take 1 capsule 5 minutes before sex.

    Storage: stored in cool and dry place.

    Specification: 3800mg * 10pills.
    Owning bigger and longer penis is not only can increase your confidence, but also can enhance your sexual ability. The longer penis can strike females sensitive areas, and explore her G spot, bring her to the top sexual climax, and enjoy multi-sex!

  • SEX DEVIL sex liquid

    SEX DEVIL sex liquid (sex product for women)
    SEX DEVIL sex liquid (sex product for women)
    1.Increase female's libido
    2.Improve sex desire
    3.Safe no side effect
    1.odorless and smelless
    2.breath hot
    Function: this product is clear liquid, ordorless and smelless. Can soluble in all kinds of drinks quickly, within several minutes after taken by women will have effect. The face will become red, techypnea, the whole body to be dry and hot, breath hot, eager to have sex with you.

    3.face will become red

    Expiry: 3 years
    Specification: 15ml
    Usage: directly put it into the drink, every time five drops will have effect. Can not take it more than 15 drops, can mix with any drink, Take it 30 minutes before intercourse.
    Attention: please don't use it without women's acknowledge.

    Red Spider Water

    Red Spider Water can effectively stimulate female sex nerve center, It can also adjust secretion of sex hormone and enhance female's libido.

    Therefore it will be easier for the man and wife to get orgasms and satisfaction during their sex lift. Moreover the female can receive multiple sex excitement. The product is preparation made completely from natural biological materials. Which cause no side effect.
    Effect: This for female with urges the sentiment, colorless, but fast dissolves in the boiling water, the during or the ethyl alcohol center, the clothing latter several minutes, in the feminine vagina itch, the thigh inside is numb, palpitation the acceleration, the lower part of the body secretion increase, urgently.

    Needs to make love with you but cannot the self-restraining, makes you has one's wish.

    Usage amount used: The sexual intercourse first minutes, this take half to mix in the plain boiled water or the drink are thin. Take the m after releasing.

    Matters needing attention: The pregnant women and underage is durable, in front of the non-sexual intercourse do not use.

    Germany Sex Drops

    Germany Sex Drops

    Female aphrodisiac oral solution:
    Containing over 20 rare herbs from the virgin forest, the product is an essence developed using American RH skin-penetrating and absorbability-enhancing technology after years of research by a number of domestic and overseas researchers. It is nontoxic and has no side effect. The product can boost the generation of vaginal wall cells, shrink vagina quickly and strongly, increase tonicity of vagina,
    make vagina tender and sensitive, improve the symptoms of loose vagina, simulate sexual desire and restore a virgin-like narrow vagina in 10mimtes without back bounce. It has remarkable adjustive and assistant curative effects on female sexlessness, sexual desire letdown, sour in waist and knee, multi-embryo delivery, abortion and sexual dysfunction of middle-and old-age people.

    Main ingredients: imported Spanish materials (OPS), lily and rose extracts
    Applicable range: applicable for adult females
    Direction: put half bottle of the product into beverage, liquor or tea 5 to 10 minutes before sexual intercourse
    Packaging: 5ml/box

    Alimax Female Sex Spray

    Alimax Sex Spray
    1 Give you a better orgasm
    2 Increases frequency of coitus
    3 women libido enhancement

    Alimax Female Sex Spray
    This produce is colorless and tasteless liquid. It is can dissolve into all kinds of drinks quickly. After taking it, the woman will feel tickle in her private, the face turn red, breath hurry, heart beat quickly, breath ardor, secretion increase. She wants to get sex intercourse immediately, during making love, can reach high tide and get satisfied. This product is known for its smoothing properties and designed to ease vaginal dryness which can result in a wanted friction during intercourse.
    1. Alimax is an aphrodisiac liquid for woman.
    2. Alimax enhances female sexual appeal.
    3. Alimax increases blood flow through vagina and clitoris.
    4. Alimax improves tissue build up & inhibits wrinkles because of aging.
    5. Alimax will give you a better orgasm.
    6. Alimax increases frequency of coitus.

    Usage and Dosage: ten drops per time, take it before sex 30 minutes. Can be mixed in any beverage (coffee, tea, soft, drink) or with food, this spurious secret formula is safe and non-toxic.

    Super Dooz 34000 Delay Spray In A Hugh 45ml canisters

    Note: This product is a penis desensitizer, which works by slightly numbing the tip of the penis, allowing you to delay your climax and prolong lovemaking. How strong the effects are and how long they last, depends entirely on the product and the dosage used.

    The Dragon Dooz 34000 delay spray is a potent formula designed to make any man last longer. Used all over the world, it's handy spray form makes it a great companion for those discreet encounters! A powerful weapon against premature ejaculation, she will never know the secret of your new-found sexual prowess. The 34000 is the milder version of the Super Dragon 6000 (also available in our store) and is perfect for those trying prolonging products for the first time.

    The Dragon Dooz 34000 comes in a massive 45ml canister with about 100 to 200 measured applications, so it will keep you going for longer than you think!   Please read the brilliant feedbacks we have thankyou

    Usage Instructions

    For best results:

    1. Apply 2 sprays to the head of the penis 20 minutes before intercourse.

    2. After 20 minutes apply 1 more spray and leave for a further 10 minutes.

    3. Wash the head of the penis thoroughly.

    Do not exceed 6 sprays.

    Always read instructions.


    Cont.p 100g: Lidocaine 12g: Vitamine E 1g

  • Stud100 Spray for males
    Stud100 Spray for males, your best choose for premature ejaculation treatment. 
    Effect:  Reduce the sensitivity of the penis, delayed ejaculation and be effective in preventing premature ejaculation. 
    Specifications:   45cc/bottle  
    Usage:  For external use only, Spray this product to the glans penis 2-3 times before sexual intercourse, significant effect will appear after 10 minis.
    Procomil Spray Longtime Spray for MEN

    Procomil Spray Longtime Spray for MEN
    Procomil SPRAY 15 ml
    Effective Delay Spray

    Procomil Delay Spray use adequate spray on your viatal tool ( penis), distributed equally to each side of the penis, perfect for a super busy and want the practical. tense direct spray only once. Procomil Spray - original durable. total content of 15 ml spray, can be used to back back, better effects and evenly because it uses evenly spraying technology and certainly more durable.Tonic in the form of Procomil Spray is more practical and easier to use, suitable for those of you that is super busy and want a sex tonic long tahana simpel.tidak practical and dangerous and safe for your penis and your partner.How to Use Procomil Spray?

    You wash your penis, then you get this spray Procomil spray evenly from the base of the penis tip hinggu insist that all parts subject to a better effect. after the clean up could use a wash with warm water or with ordinary clean water.PROCOMIL SprayPROCOMIL basically Longtime Spray for MEN only helps to relieve sensitive skin against the friction that causes enjakulasi prematurely.PROCOMIL spray will prolong the time in intimate relationships are desired by both parties ( couples) so that each party was satisfied. PROCOMIL use spray only on the allotment for men normal, healthy with no erectile dysfunction disorder, less good for the age of 50 years and over or for those who have erectile problems, this may be causing interference stimulation of the penis. Most men experience ejaculation about 3-5 minutes and the time that girls need more than that, this is a PR for a man stuck metu PELTU alias, according to the user experience of the average delay spray PROCOMIL they are able to prolong sexual intercourse time to 15 - 30 minutes even more, it all depends on the control and concentration each of them. PROCOMIL Spray Composition: lidocaine BASE USP
    Any SIDE EFFECTS with PROCOMIL longtime spray?
    None side effects as long as you use according to rules of usage and dosage.
    How to Use PROCOMIL spray?
    Use PROCOMIL spray a few minutes before intercourse on sensitive parts of the stem and MAN ( under head) . depending on the desire to reduce sensitivity.
    CAUTION with PROCOMIL delay spray:
    For external use only! NOT to exceed three sprays every time related and do not exceed three times a day.
    PROCOMIL SPRAY storage method: store in a cool and shady.protect from light and the reach of childrendo not be in use by the fire.

    NAPOLEON 1968 Delay spray for man

    NAPOLEON 1968 Delay spray for man

    general spray spicy hot feeling, do not affect the glans pleasant sensation, can enjoy the queen huan.
    Effect: this product lines according to traditional medical theory, combined with the modern medical knowledge, adopt oxpatiation monomer extraction technology, enrichment and refined natural preparations, non-toxic, do not have side-effect, without excitant, prevent premature ejaculation, prolong the joy, adjust hpa system function, enhance sexual function. High quality of life is husband and wife healthcare.


    Male Dew 888 is based on numerous man suffering from premature ejaculation and premature ejaculation man that women cannot reach orgasm, starting this phenomenon for users consider and production. It not only restrain premature ejaculation effects, still can delay time, compensate for male man ejaculation the physiological difference faster female slow, and fully showing erotic art! Make couples harmony, sex can be different degree of extended sexual time 20-90 minutes, with treatment and care dual role.

    Male Dew 888 is purely natural medicine unique formula, with advanced scientific technology to extract and into the light yellow transparent liquid and no dependence.

    Male Dew 888 compared with chemical treatment of premature ejaculation has the following advantages: not anesthesia, not lower organ in pleasure. dependence.
    3.after besmear medicine in six hours, can effectively, more suitable for men and women joyous love needs.
    4. because Chinese medicine fixing sperm role of tiredness after extended sexual intercourse is.
    5.netan in the lady no stimulation.

    [efficacy] aphrodisiac, delay, solid pure kidney, sterilizing. Premature ejaculation and rapid ejaculation to improve significantly help.
    [specification] 3ml/bottles
    [composition] common cnidium fruit, clove, bitter pilosula, astragalus membranaceus, etc

    MAXMAN Delay Spray
    1.MAXMAN sex Spray is an approved quality product specially formulated to ruduce over sensitivity of the penis, it can helo to delay the ejaculation.
    2.MAXMAN sex Spray prolong sexual pleasure.
    3.MAXMAN Sex Spray Magic perfume spray will exert a calming effect to aid sexual confidence.
    4.MAXMAN Sex Spray is a 100% natrural herbal sex spray.
    MAXMAN Delay Spray an approved quality product specially formulated to reduce over-sensitivity in the male and prolong sexual pleasure.
    Magic prefume spray will exert a calming effect to aid sexual confidence.
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