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Sex is an especially important part of life, no matter how you enjoy intimate time spent with your partner. When you've decided that it's time to stop feeling down about your bedroom performance, sex pills wholesale online store will be there with a 100% natural herbal male enhancement wholesale that helps you make a difference in your pleasure potential and that of your partner's. We believe you get to enjoy the ultimate pleasure with our herbal male enhancement wholesale.
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  • Yili DaBuWan Nutritional Supplement for MEN
     Enhance sexual ability
     Health Care function
     Nutritional supplement for Men
     Cordyceps sinensis, sealpenis, deer penis, ginseng, beef kidney, tibetan sheep penis, cistanche, etc.
    Suitable for
     Adult male; weak men; Impotence, premature ejaculation; short penis.
     Take orally 1 pill everytime, with warm water, 10 - 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.
    This product combining modern biological extraction technology and refined, the animals remain completely testosterone of active material of the biological activity, can quickly improve human blood, activating of testosterone in the sex organs of metabolism, promote the growth and development of the penis tissue; At the same time the product contains biological active ingredients, which could provide rich nutrition penis tissue, and can improve the microcirculation, increase congestion speed, further strengthens the penis tissue growth, and promote the rapid increasing penis function, increase the thick this product is made of pure natural non-pollution animal and plant essence enrichment and become, long-term use of non-toxic, no dependence, no addiction is the Gospel of the disabled, sexual function.
    Black Ant King Capsule

    Herbal male enhancer BLACK ANT KING SEX pills
     ---One of the best selling sex pills in the world
     ---Thicker, Larger, Harder, Stronger penis
     ---100% Healthy food for MEN
     ---Heart attack or High blood pressure can use it;
     ---Can take after drink alcohol!
     ---Benefit MEN with prostatic problem
    [Specification] 3800mg*10 tablets/box
    Cordyceps sinensis, saffron, ginseng, snow lotus, snow deer penis, bovine testicularTibetan mastiff, hippocampus, etc.
    [Applicable crowd]
    Prostatitis, thin and short penis, impotence, premature ejaculation, unstrong erection, unstrong erection, lack of energy.
    [Usage & Dosage]
    taken orally, ONLY 1 pill with warm boiled water before you go to bed.
    YOU can see amazing effects after taking 1 pill 15-20 minutes before sexual activity!

    1. No more than 1 capsule a time to achieve the results eagerly
    2. Drink enough amount of cold water if many erections, or long time erections with ejaculation occurs after you take the capsule.
    3. No repetition in 24hours.

    [Valid period] Three years

    Qing Tian Zhu For Male Penis Enlargement
    Qing Tian Zhu herb male enhancer can bring:
    * All Natural -- No Prescription Required!
    * Promotes stronger orgasms
    * Controls premature ejaculation
    * Improves Sexual performance - Makes Strong Man Stronger
    * Works fast within 30 - 45 minutes
    Qing Tian Zhu male enhancer ingredients:
    Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), Cooked Rehmannia Root, Deer Antlers, Refined Tibetian Deer Glandular Extract.
    Qing Tian Zhu specification: 4 tabs/box
    Qing Tian Zhu male enhancer directions of Use:
    Chew one tablet with and swallow with a bit of liquid (best with warm water) about 30 minutes or sooner before sexual activity or take one sex tablets every 3 days at bedtime.
    Germany Silver Sword
    This unique formulated product will help males stimulate the growth factor of adrenal PDA dilute and replenish semen. It helps men to stimulate sexual desire, reduce fatigue, build up confidence, and further maximize the pleasure with no harmful side effects that may possibly caused by western medicines.
    Germany Silver Sword Sex Pill is a 100% herbal Chinese Formulated Tonic, for the aid of males who suffer from:
    .Erection dysfunction
    .Sexual weakness
    .Premature ejaculation pills
    .Fatigue of Penis etc.
    Silver Sword Sex Pill Functuion:
    .Improves sexual energy and has a Powerful effect on the male libido.
    .A 100% natural natural tonic, no side effect.
    .Popular herbal male tonic and have safe, strong & long lasting effect on both quality and strength of erections.
    .Helps men suffering from impotence and maintain controlled ejaculation.
    Direction: Silver sex pill for men is advised to take one capsule and 1 pill 40 minutes before going to bed.
    Specification: 180mg*8 caps + 8 pills/pack
    Juhui Sod Cordyceps Medlar Capsule
    Product features
    250mg/pill     4pills/case    48cases/carton
    The method of taking:
    one time every 3-7days, one pill each time(with warm water)
    Component: SOD, cordycepts, medlar extracts
    1. Juhui Sod Cordyceps Medlar Capsule contains high-activity SOD, to be able to eliminate in vivo excessive free radical promptly, blocks it to heart, kidney, gonad , the nervous system, repairs damaged organ, and improves the physical strength and the mental weary condition.
    2. Juhui Sod Cordyceps Medlar Capsule to be able to stimulate the cerebrum central nervous system, the germ cells axis which the correction declines, enhances the kidney power enzyme activity.Gets up the bidirectional adjustment goal, invigorates the kidney does not burst oneself, the security has the safeguard.
    3. Juhui Sod Cordyceps Medlar Capsule enhances physical and anti-weary.medlar capsule includes the phosphoric acid compound 1/3 is ATP, in metabolism process, releases the energy.Therefore is called the source of energy and the vigor. eliminats metabolism waste effectively, restores human's physical strength, causes the worldly person strength to be exuberant, full of vigor and vitality.
    Recommended for
    1. Male sexual disfunction, the function drops, bad endurance, deficient desire.
    2. The rhythm of life quick, the work with high pressure, low immunity, dizziness tinnitus, insomnia, amnesia, easy feel tired.
    3. Lumbar debility, the body asthenia, frequent micturition, the urgency of urination, the urine pain, the urine waiting as well as a night of urine many, scrotum moistness.
  • Mogen Capsule

    Detailed Product Description
    Mogen Capsule is able to activate the growth factor of adrenal PDA dilute and replenish semen, thus bringing multiple injection sand multiple climaxes; it can also generate and replenish semen quickly after the intercourse thus avoiding fatigue and damage to kidney resulted from lack of semen; its potency lastsas long as 120hrs.
    Orientation crowd: penis, genital hypoplasia, premature ejaculation, lose the sperm, weak sperm, sexual function obstacle the sexual desire dies down, the penis is short and small.
    Usage and dosage: Take one grain orally about 15 minutes before sex intercourse.
    Main ingredients: The sea Goubian ,yak testicles ,ass whip ,snow lubian,ginseng ,wolfberry fruit ,deeer turtle shell ,angelica ,cistanche

    Specification: 1800mg*6grains

    Real Man Pills

    Real Man Sex Pill can lengthen the sexual intercourse time effectively, obtains the long time the pleasant sensation,
    The people with heart disease and high blood pressure also can take, and it also effects after drunk.
    [Applicable persons]
    1. the person with the case of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual disorder, dwarf penis needed to be extended and coarsening;
    2. the males with the case of frequency of emiction and urgency of micturition, sexual disorder caused by prostatitis;
    3. weak erection and ejaculation, rare sperm, short ejaculation period, apt to be tired after sexual intercourse.
    4. persons with their vigor and other physical strength fallen, tiredness, lassitude in loin and legs, and unable to do what they wish;
    5. persons needed to increase sexual stimulation, tolerance and prolong sexual climax and ejaculation time.Usage and dosage: take one pill with warm boiled water 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, one pill every three days for daily health care.
    [Ingredient]: saffron, Chinese caterpillar fungus, penis cervi, seal, yak spermary and etc.

    Period of validity: 3 years
    [Specification]: 8pills/box

    Zetsurin Power Pills
    ZETSURIN POWER is 100 times condense of Eurycoma, we also select 8 ingredients and balance them to help man feel more confident. This product is sex enhancer for man.
    Main Ingredients: Brazil Cocoa powder, Red Korea Ginseng powder, Maca powder, Royal Jelly powder, Manioc Starch, Viper powder, Turtle powder, Garlic without smell, Yeast with Zinc, Fibrin powder, Amylopectinc, Calcium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide Particle, coloring matter ( Flavonoid Chemical)
    Effect: It can greatly improve male sexual function, stamina and sexual performance for those who suffer with impotence.
    Specification: 4 capsules x 5 small boxes
    Usage & Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily.
    Storage: Please store in the cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.
    Thick Man Tablets

    This product can effectively activate the adrental gland PAD production factor, the dilution suppliments the seminal flluid, compleles many times shejing and achieveed the
    supplement spermatozoon, cannot because fine use up has the weary feeling and the influence kindney function, the potency sustainable 180 hours.
    Thick Man will activate the sexual glands of men to generate sperm, promote the secondary development of genitals, and leave you feeling strong, energetic and full of energy,
    and power without any side effects.
    Functions: Great for Short and Small Penis, Impotence, Sexual Dysfunction, Weak Sperm and Premature Ejaculation

    Main Ingredients: Ginseng, Scalper's penis Chinese matrimony-vine, Pilose Antler of young stags, Longan sarcocarp, Lily, Buffalo's penis, Fur seal's penis etc..
    Specification: 2800mg * 5 capsules per box
    Usage: Take only 1 hour before sexual intercourse.
    Note: Take 1 Pill every 2 - 3 days or on occasion when needed.
    Storage method: Sealed, keep in a cool and dry place.
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Appliable to the crowd:
    1. Man who can not erection long enough.
    2. Men who have difficulty all the time or just some of the time.
    3. Man who can not get or keep: a hard, erect penis suitable for sexual activity.

    Sea Dog Pills
    SEA DOG PILLS is a secret prescription formulated in the Tong dynasty with a history of several centuries. Clinic tests have proved it as effective drug for curing hypoplasia of the genetalia, hyposexuality, impotence premature ejaculation, sterile weakening mentality and premature senile.
    This prescription includes precious tonic heros such as pilose antler, ginseng, sea horse, isinglass, etc..
    Which will replenish the semen, nourish the genuine essence, enrich marrow, reinforce the heart  and the spleen, strengthen the  tendon and the bone, and thus lead all the other ingredients of the prescripton to concentrate and stimulate the vital essence and energy so as to bring up the Yin and Yang energies and strengthen the secretion of the sexual glands and the function of the male genital.
    Functions: Replenish the semen, reinforce the kidney and spleen, bring up the Yin and Yang energies and strengthen the function of the male genital.
    Indication: Impotence, improper erectness ,premature ejaculation, emission, sterile, polyuria at night, debility of the lumbus and knees, dizziness and tinnitus, premature senile, weakening mentality.
    1) Take Seadog Impotence Pills each time 4 pills daily for at least 7 days continuously with warm water before sleep.
    2)  For serious impotent conditions,  taken twice daily.
    Sea dog pills for men make the second up growth of the penis prolong the sexual intercourse for 60-100 minute
  • Dragon Power Plus
    Natural Herbs dragon power plus
    The use of Virility Max Male Enhancement Supplement will yield the following results.
    * Increased Libidio & Sex Drive: Our proprietary formula has been completely tested and will end in a marked increase in libido.
    * Increased Sexual Sensitivity: When using this product you'll find that it is far easier to get aroused, and stay aroused.
    * Increased Bloodflow to the Penis: Use of this formula ends in firmer, longer-lasting erections.
    * More Intense, More Satisfying Orgasms: The combination of ingredients produces a more powerful orgasm, regularly after the very first dose.
    Specification and package: 300mg/capsule, 3 capsules per box.
    Dosage: One capsule per time, with lasting efficacy more than 72 hours.
    Product forms: Raw material, Loose capsule, semi-finished products, foiled capsules, blister capsules, box package, bottle package, etc.
    Vager 777 male natural stimulant

    Vager 777 is a male sexual stimulant marketed as a powerful blend of naturally-derived ingredients with the following purported benefits: increased libido, a firmer erection and improved pleasure. Some of today's natural sexual enhancers have been known to produce safer results than many of their widely advertised prescription-based counterparts. Vager 777 has the functions to make penis enlarged and haarder. the fucntion of proliferators is to activate growth gland of body to prommote cavermous cell re-growth, so as to enlarge penis and releive sexual dysfunction.
    Specification: 3800mg * 4pills.
    Usage and dosage: take one pill 10 minutes before sexual activity. More than 98% users are satisfied with the enlargement of penis by 0.5-3cm after use for 5-6 months.

    For men, penis size or erection problem make them so embarrassed. even though many a survey reaches finding that mostly sex companions do not care the penis size in sexual life. however, men themsebles do care because the penis size for them is the foremost factor to measure theri value and sexual capacity. Vager 777 is the natural solution for making male penis size rapidly increase, help men reach the top of sexual life!

    Qing Tian Zhu Capsule

    Product Description
    Qing Tian Zhu Capsule is another effective capsule for men's erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Especially for the old age and who suffer weak erectile and premature ejaculation, Insist on taking for one month, you will find your penis will gradually recover from the dysfunction and you will feel never stronger as right now.
    Qing Tian Zhu Capsule will produce very marked effects just when there is any sexual stimulus, visual, auditory, olfactory or other sense organs, present within 36-72 hours, and will never fail. Furthermore, it is not affected by heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. It is used to strengthen the potency of erectile function and hygienic purpose, and the vigor is wonderful.

    Directions of use / dosage:
    Do not take more than one dose a day. For best results, you can take 3 capsules with full glass of water approximately 3 hours before intimacy. As a tonic/nutritional supplement take 1-2 capsules with full glass of water either at bedtime or about one hour before workout.
    Packaging: 4 capsules/pack * 4packs/box
    Expiration: 2 years from the day of manufacture marked on packaging.
    Storage: stored in dry places at lower temperature. Keep it away from direct light

    DongChongXiaCao male penis supplement
    DongChongXiaCao capsule is made through extraction and refining of essence of natural plant raw materials with Cordyceps sinesis in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as major, ginseng, mountain Rhodiala Yunnanensis, Lucid Ganoderma and medlar as minor and with modern technology. DongChongXiaCao capsule can quickly activate male potential sex libido, and enhance penis power, make you multi-erection over the night. it also can renew the sperm after sex, make you no fatigue. people with heart disease and hypertension also can take it, it has great effect on prostate.
    Special effects: 
    1. sex would be aroused quickly or enhanced after take this capsule. the worry of sex will be repalced by sexual impulsion  with initiative movement to women. 
    2. pleasure will be enhanced while the sex time is as long as 180 minutes. 
    3. the penis will erect in 15 minutes after take this capsule. penis would be wider, bigger, higger rigidity after long period taken. penis may increase 2-3cm in a month without rebound. people with heart disease, and hypertension also can take it.  it has great effect on prostate.
    4. multi-sex is possible with multi-erection. the penis would not soften after ejaculation.   
    Application: Impotence, premature ejaculation, the penis is short, prostatitis, long marriage infertility, cold, dry, male and female sexual pain, spermatorrhea, HuaJing, waist ache, insomnia, forgetfulness, full spirit, depressed, hair loss, white hair, middle-aged and weak deficiency of the kidney, the penis atrophy, premature ejaculation, loss of libido adult men.  Usage: take one capsule per time, 15 minutes before sexual intercourse.
    Storage: sealed, stored in cool and dry places.
    Specificaiton: 3000mg * 8pills * 2boxes
    American Superman
    American Superman
    1.100% herbal,original of toxicity,no harm lasting 60 minutes
    [Ingredients]: ginseng, scalper's penis, chinese matrimony-vine, pilose, antler of young stages,
    longan, sarcocarp, lily, buffalo's penis, fur seal's penis, etc.
    [Functions]: restores energy and reproducts blood, improve the kidney function, solves impotence and the early ejaculation, helps those who lifts but not firm, lacks the ability to perform sex well, slow erection, increases the size of penis, postpones the time of ejaculation.
    [Usage and dosage]: take one grain 10minutes before the sexual intercourse.
    [Specification]: 2200mg*4grains/box
    [Expiration time]: 5 years.
    [Storage]: sealed in cool and dry environment.
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